Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Need help

I will appreciate it if you could give me inputs on below subject, this will help so much with project I'm working on at the moment.

The insight:
Mom as super hero, Mom as general protector, means she protect her kids from everything.

For mum with kid age 1 to 3 years old:

What are the things mums usually do to protect their kids?

What kind of protections mum could provide for her kids?

What are the symbol of protections of mum to her kids?

Thanks in advance folk


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure is from diseases.... ASI -- Mother's milk is the first line of protection that a wise mother can give to her offsprings.

For 2-3 years old, perhaps from dangerous toys and unsafe sitting on a vehicle.

Most of all, protection from cigarette smokes.

Bambang Aroengbinang said...

just a thought from a father, maybe mom will continue to breastfeed the little creature, keep her warm and dry, sing beautiful songs to soften her heart, kiss and hug her to teach her about love and care...

tere616.blogspot.com said...

I always protect my two daughters from un-healthy food like candy, snack like taro; not enough milk consumption, vitamin ; cigarette smokes, all carbondioxida things (forgot the signage co2). Therefore I never give them a try for all un-healthy food, always count their milk consumption, vitamin and obey their immunation schedule.

Besides that, since suddenly I become paranoid that I'll death soon (crazy huh ?), I arrange their financial things into education insurance and insured my life.

And on top of that, like aroengbinang said, still sing beautiful song, listen to them, kiss and hug them.

Hope this will help ..

Unknown said...

hugs. big mother hugs.

Beamer said...

"What are the things mums usually do to protect their kids?"

I am not sure there is an "usual" things moms do. My wife always reminds me of a mother bear protecting her young cubs. Even now with my 19 year old 6'3" 190 year old son, she still protects him something fierce. It usually gets me in hot water with her if I get after him about something he (My son) did with out running it past her first. At times it is best just to let it go.

She was very particular of who watched the children (3 of them all together) if we went out for a dinner or a movie. She is an amazing mommy.


Unknown said...

Hi Ecky,

I did try this the other day in Bangkok,but just as I was posting it the internet fell over so fingers crossed.

1 Mums will do anything to protect their baby, even laying down their own life.

2 Mums have a very strong maternal instinct especially for safety and risk. They are always vigilant for anything that could harm or endanger their child.

3 A loving hug and kiss.

I think fathers have a similiar instinct but as a society we seem to down play that, so it is much less obvious.

Hope the 365 thing is going well