Monday, January 21, 2008

I decided

If you want to know what is my decision regarding this subject, just had a meeting with my MD this morning and I decided to stay in my current company.

There are couple of considerations from my side.

1) Working hours

In new company (if I join them), I might have to work till really really late. How late? Could spend time at supplier to supervise printing until 5 am in the morning. For your information, Client Service like me usually don't go to that kind of places, creative is the one in charge, but in my case the creative team have decline to do it, so I'm the one who have to go there and to make sure all jobs delivered on time and meet client's standard.

In my current company, the working hours is normal. Yes, stay at the office until 12am the latest occasionally still consider as normal in advertising. I have a friend whose working hours almost 12 hours everyday, and she sometimes has to go to work on weekend, crazy.

2) Client

Well, client is client. They always have power compare to us as their agency. They can be pain in the ass sometimes. But as long as the requirement still make sense we will try our best to fulfill it.
Attitude has a big role too here, yes we are agency but that doesn't mean you can yell at us or send us CAPITAL letter (which means yell or angry) or write email in RED saying that you are not happy with us and we are stupid bla bla bla.

Client at new company has that intolerable attitude, she yells at you when she calls you, she writes in all CAPITAL and RED letter in email saying that you are stupid bla bla and cc to COO, MD, GM. I'm not sure I can handle that kind of attitude, even from biggest client.

My current client is unique, it's not easy to gain her trust, but when you do she will trust you all the way. I'm proudly say that I have a good relationship with her and the brand team.

3) Boss

You need to have a good chemistry with your boss, otherwise you can't work optimally as you have to deal with him/her daily.

I have no problem with this person whose offered me the job, but I don't think I can hang out with this person socially. Actually I was surprise when this person send me email and saying that this person is offering me a job, we don't say hi in real life even though we are at the same coffee house. Weird? Can't say more.

There will be new boss in my current company, in fact there will be 2 bosses. One is the International Business Director and one is Business Director, I'm looking forward to work with this IBD as my MD says that he's so damn good. Well, lets hope I can steal (in a good way) his knowledge for my self improvement.

4) Money

Let's be honest, money is important. Some of you might say that money can't buy happiness, yes that is correct. But I have to admit that I need the money, so money will be my other consideration in deciding which job I would take.

My current company willing to offer me as much as I got from the new company. So I have to appreciate it, no? Since I know what I got now is way above the range for my level (especially in this network), so I'm grateful for that.

For the time being, I'll stay.

Until I don't know when, because maybe God has other plans for me :)


Anonymous said...

So it was true, eh?

Unknown said...

Hee hee.. yeah, it was job offer :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever the considerations, if the gut feeling is okay, then, no doubt, it's the best decision.

Good luck! said...

Hm .. good luck to you. Feels good after the decission made rite ?